My Action Against Hunger

First UMC - Lockport


I am Paul Farr from the First Unted Methodist Church of Lockport. One of our members is working for ACF ? Action Contre La Faim (or for us Americans - Action Against Hunger.) They help children and families in far away places that need to be feed. If you could do any one thing in this world, I am sure it would be to help feed a starving child. Our member has made the decision to not only give her support, but to work for this organization and go where most people would never dream of going because of the danger and difficult places she has to travel. She has been in many countries, in Africa (so far Ethiopia, and South Sudan, now adding Nigeria.) More than anything she values the prayers and support of her church. When I think of what she does and the conditions she does it in, it sound scary. Most people don?t understand why anyone would do such work in 95 degrees or higher, with few tools and supplies, but the workers at ACF laugh and smile the whole time while they are working and helping feed and care for many, many people. When you do this your own needs become so small, and when you see the real need of God?s people, I?m sure that?s what Becky feels when she?s out there even in 120 degree heat, with scorpions falling from the roof and no air conditioning.

Thank you for your prayers, your spirit, and your gifts. Our church and community are blessed.  I am asking that you help me by supporting our member as she does God's work to feed hungry children and families. All it takes is 5 minutes to make a small donation to reach our goal.


Paul Farr


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